3 Helpful Tips For Writing Web Content For Your Readers
Written by Admin1 on February 12, 2011 – 1:17 pm

Perhaps most important of all is to capture their attention right from the moment they land. They want to know they’re in the right place and that what they want is right there. They will not want to wade through your content to find out.

Tip #1: Let them know in your main headline and in the first sentence / paragraph of your content that you have what they want. Make sure you use the most relevant keywords that point them in the right direction. Bold and highlight those phrases so that they can scan through and quickly see what you have to offer.

Always be aware that your reader still needs to be enticed to read onto the next paragraph and the paragraph after that.

Tip #2: Leave them wanting more at the end of each paragraph. Leave them curious and continue to peak their curiosity right to the bottom of the page.

Don’t assume your visitors will know what to do next.

Tip #3: Don’t forget to ask them to take action. Tell them what to do next. Many marketers do not make this ultimate request. They expect the reader to hit the buy button and make the purchase. You have to direct them there by including phrases like “hit the buy button now”.

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