Article Marketing with the Bing Decision Engine
Written by JJohnson on February 1, 2010 – 4:50 pm

Microsoft’s Bing can be likened to the Google search engine, although it is not being marketed as such.   Rather than being a ‘search engine’, Microsoft calls it a ‘decision engine’.  For example, Bing’s user interface can provide the user with more accurate and pertinent data with less effort, which is something that Google sometimes fails to do.

The question is, with the innovations that the new search engine offers, how do you tailor your article marketing efforts to glean maximum results from the up-and-coming Bing?  First, let us briefly discuss the special aspects of the Bing ‘decision engine.’

The Bing engine does a better job in terms of presenting relevant results and detailed information to Internet users who employ it, in comparison to Google.   Some may argue that this only seems so because of the new user interface.  Bing typically displays the information that one can access with Google Search with more depth, even without going directly to the page the info is on.  Placing the mouse cursor over a search result causes the ‘expanded’ display of the information snippet.  If the information contains associated meta-data, moving the cursor over the primary information will display this as well.

The new search engine may cause some people to consider revamping their article marketing endeavors, yet the tried-and-tested rules still apply.  An edge over your competitors may be achieved much like before: by writing high-quality content, incorporating the relevant keywords, and disseminating your content through article directories – making sure that you also create an accessible and compelling author bio or resource box.

The more detailed data that can be seen through Bing’s search results may equate to more convenient access to the desired information for any visitors.  There may be coming developments to Bing that would necessitate some adjustments to your article marketing strategies.  Ranking highly in the search results for your keywords and niche will still give you better results and better exposure for your website, even with Google’s rival engine.

There is no need to overhaul your article marketing strategies entirely, if you wish to cater to Internet users who utilize Bing.  Bing is one of the best innovations in search engine technology, and simply using an article writing service while new developments come along will serve you and your website well enough.

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