How To Write Successful Articles For Your Business
Written by Admin1 on February 28, 2011 – 2:06 pm

is not the obstacle that you might think… if you have the right tools. You will find them online in a variety of places besides article directories and other people’s content sites.

Look where your topic is already being written about, where people are reading and buying in your niche.

Have you guessed it?

Book sites. That’s where people tend to go when they’re looking for advice and solutions to their problems. And that’s where they spend their money. Amazon, for instance, makes way more sales than any one-person operation selling a few books. That’s because Amazon has the variety, and people like variety.

Which means, that’s also where you will find hot topics to write about. Look inside the books that include this feature. Read what the author has written about your subject. Search inside the book using your best keywords and you’ll get a list of all instances where your keyword appears.

Do this with many books in your niche to get more ideas and angles.

Don’t stop at Amazon. Check the other book sites as well, such as Barnes and Noble, Chapters and others.

While you’re there, look around the sites for related forums. Many offer places for people to go and discuss those topics. This is where you can get important topics right from your prospect’s own mouth.

There’s no better way to hit on the most relevant issues than by having your readers tell you.

If you want to , this is a great place to start.

Click here for some .

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