Is Writing Content A Challenge for You?
Written by Sylvia Dickens on February 19, 2010 – 4:56 pm

Writing Content tips and an ideal alternative

Many marketers struggle to put two sentences together. If you are one, it’s not your fault. For some people, like me, writing content comes naturally. You are probably stronger in other areas. Still, you must rely on having good content for your visitors.

You have probably visited websites where you’ve stopped reading after the first few sentences because it was so badly written. Or worse, it just didn’t make sense. And perhaps the absolute worst is that the writer just did not grab your attention. I’ve seen such sites and some are downright awful. I can’t help wondering what the website owner is thinking by displaying such poor quality content.

What impression does he think that has on his visitors - the people he wants to buy his products?

It takes a special skill to be able to write in a way that captures your reader’s interest. If you can do that, you will make sales and your business will boom.

Fortunately there are some things that you can do to overcome your writing limitations .

One of the best and easiest is to locate private-label material. This is the ideal way to build your site content without paying large sums of money for a professional writer.

Who said writing content meant that you had to do it all yourself?

Scoot over to PLR Products Monthly and see the quality content waiting for you.

Watch out what PLR material you use

Finding PLR material is not quite that easy, however. Sorry. It is easy to find mediocre writing and downright poor writing, PLR that sells dirt cheap and is written by someone who is not of native English background. Much of it is very bad, often written by people who do not have a good grasp of the English language.

The dangers of spun articles

You also have to watch for PLR that has been run through a spinner, a very common thing for people to do these days. They figure that they can take one article, rewrite sections or insert different word phrases and spin them so that each article reads a little different. The problem with this approach is that spinners seldom spit out quality material. In fact, it can be far worse than something you write yourself.

Ask Yourself, “Who is using the PLR?”

What you really need is top quality PLR with limited distribution . Most PLR does not have a restricted circulation.

Some are sold with resale rights and master resell rights that enable the buyers to sell the PLR to other people who can also resell it. This is bad for you, because literally thousands of people can be using the same articles and content, besides you.

Limited distribution PLR - the best option

If you can find PLR that has limited distribution, you might pay more but at least you will have a higher chance of using unique content on your site. As you know, your site will not come up very high in the search results if your content is being offered elsewhere. You will have to work harder to be the one site that does show.

With limited distribution PLR, this concern practically disappears. I won’t say that there are any guarantees, but many people who do buy PLR never use it on their own sites. Either they will not use it at all, or they will use it in their auto responders or create reports with it so that it never appears to the search engines.

I have just launched my new PLR site to provide you with top quality PLR with limited distribution to help you overcome any problems in writing content.

Award-winning writer

In case you are hesitating, be aware that I am not just your average writer. I have earned 3 journalism awards for excellence. Everything that I produce comes from my own research, both online and off-line as well as from my own personal experiences. You will not find any of this material anywhere else.

The only people with this material must have purchased it through my PLR site, PLR Products Monthly . None of the content on my site comes with master resell rights. It is made available for your own use only. Of course, you can sell the books that come in the niche startup kits, but you cannot sell any resale rights. The same goes for the article bundles and the photos that I will soon be adding to the membership area.

Take a sec to hop over to PLR Products Monthly and get all the details. While you are there, you can grab that free niche startup kit and see the quality that you can expect inside your members area.

Limited to 100

While membership is not restricted , each individual Niche Start-up Kit IS limited to 100 customers only. As soon as 100 are sold, the kit will be taken down.

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