Keep Motivated To Winning In Business By Setting Priorities
Written by Admin1 on February 27, 2011 – 1:09 pm

You really need to keep motivated if is your goal. All too often, home-based entrepreneurs lose sight of what is most important. This is especially true of people with families who frequently interrupt or are in need of your assistance.

Being drawn between family and business can be stressful. You want to be there for them, but you see the time you spend on your business is dwindling. Your own work is not getting done. You have business tasks that just aren’t always the priority that they should be.

Perhaps the most important tip for people in this predicament is to establish priorities. Write them down. Do not deviate from them.

If you need to share some of your day with your family, slot a block of time to do that. Leave the rest for your business.

In your business, set priorities so that the most important tasks are completed first. That way, you won’t lose the momentum to getting them done. And you will be sure to be doing the work that will actually bring you a pay cheque.

Do you take advantage of working from home?

This can be disastrous. It’s great to spend all your time in the comfort of your home, but this can lead to distractions. Maybe you spend more time relaxing on the deck, playing with your children or dog, or puttering around the house than you do on your business.

Even though you are at home, free of the stresses and pressures of a real job, you still must keep motivated to winning in business.

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