Motivation for Entrepreneurship Among Students

Entrepreneurship is the heartbeat for any country which will grow economically and financially. For any country to thrive in this highly competitive economic world, it means her citizens had adequately contributed to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country. But then, how can citizens if a nation contributes to the growth of her country’s GDP live without entrepreneurship?
Entrepreneurship is the business of creating goods or services to make profits. It is a skill that you develop over time. No one is born as an entrepreneur. Like every other skill, entrepreneurship is learned, and this skill has been introduced as part of the college curriculum.
So, when you look around, and you see students going about setting up a business, acquiring new skills, taking internships in industries, don’t be surprised. But then, you might wonder what could be the motivation for entrepreneurship among students? Let’s look into a few motives that promote entrepreneurship among students.

Self-Discovery and Job Satisfaction

A school is a place where many students prepare for the future. Alas! A lot of students do not know what the future holds for them. In a bit to get equipped beyond the four walls of the classroom, students involve themselves in extracurricular activities, like Fashion, make-up, costumes, dressmaking, hair styling, Catering, Events planning, Book clubs, Fundraising for different clubs and so on.
Progressively, many of the students discover their purpose through what interests them. So, what used to be a little fun becomes a major business for them after a while.

Job Security

Truthfully, your course of study is not a guarantee for employment, especially in times like this, when employees look beyond the certificate to go for technical skills and leadership qualities. Because of this latest trend in the labor market, students create a back-up plan after school for themselves. They make sure they have a skill that makes them an expert, which they can fall back on anytime. Hence, the skill development makes them independent later in life and helps to become entrepreneurs.

Need for Extra Earning

An average student would always need extra cash. This is enough reason for them to go into entrepreneurship. Let’s take this as an example: if I need an essay for a college assignment or project, I can go online and get experts to write college essay for me. Some of these online writers are Students who use their writing skill to earn extra cash.

Desire for Independence

The desire to be independent is another motivator for students to go into entrepreneurship. Everyone wants to own a business. A sense of independence is always gotten from entrepreneurship because you rule your world and control how things work within your sphere of business.

Role Models - A Source of Motivation

Indeed, we all admire Mark Zuckerberg and a lot of entrepreneurs in the world, like Walt Disney, J.K Rowling, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Benjamin Franklin, and as many as you can mention.
These people are role models that motivate students to become better versions of themselves. Students are mostly optimistic, and they believe if these people can make it as entrepreneurs, why can’t they make it? No barrier can shed light on the positivity students bear in mind. When you listen to how these people became successful entrepreneurs, you will get highly motivated to be like them, if not better.