Small Business Internet Advertising: Marketing and Advertising
Written by Admin1 on February 3, 2011 – 6:38 pm

If you’re like many newcomers, you’re probably puzzled over the difference between marketing and advertising.

Basically, advertising usually involves paying to get the word out about your business.

Marketing is a free and less hyped way of attracting people to your offer.

Internet advertising usually means paying for ads to be displayed on the major search engines. Other options are buying banners for others to display on their sites, solo ads to other people’s subscriber lists, and classified ads on various sites and in relevant publications.

Internet marketing can be done with press releases, articles, blog posts, free book distributions (viral marketing), joint venture partnerships, and article distribution.

Article distribution is one of the favorites because if an article is good, it can go viral. In other words, other people in your niche will grab your article and post it to their sites, send it to their lists, and link to it from their own sites and distributed articles. Besides, articles are relatively easy to produce and scatter across the Internet.

In marketing, you are more focused on spreading quality information about your niche and linking it to the ideal product that answers your readers’ needs. You do not try to pitch your offers in your marketing. You only do it discreetly in your resource boxes, as in article marketing.

When posting to other people’s blogs, you have a discreet link in your user name that people can click to see your site. You want your marketing materials to come across as more friendly, like an expert offering free advice.

You want your readers to see you as the expert, so that they come to trust you and buy from you.

Small business Internet marketing can go a long way to bringing you profits, just don’t confuse Internet marketing and advertising as being the same thing. They are not.

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