The Nitro Team

: Who’s Behind This Million Dollar Plan

Matt Gill , is a highly successful entrepreneur with the unique ability to spot hot trends and opportunities, picture how these skills relate to running a business and then maximize his results.

Matt was the E-Commerce Program Manager for Allegiance Telecom where he played a significant role in developing their internet service packages. An accomplished network marketer and entrepreneur, he has a marketing mind that we can only envy.

Kevin Wilke is a master marketer who has been succeeding online since 1996. He has a strong grasp on maximizing revenue and profits with websites that run on autopilot. He is one of the most successful affiliates of many top affiliate programs online.

Kevin founded PureNetProfits, a performance-based marketing company that manages several other companies including and

Nitro Marketing President Dan Swanson is a person you’ll want to listen to because he has already proven that it’s possible to make whatever sum you want online. He has quite an impressive background in teaching, mentoring and training people how to excel in business. He launched 14 of his own companies and has built a total of about 125 in all, which has resulted in the creation of 3,200 jobs.

During his career, Dan has played a significant role in generating billions of dollars in sales. What’s more, he has launched two entire industries from idea to development and beyond. It shows his natural ability for drumming up new ideas and bringing them to fruition, either for himself or for other hopeful entrepreneurs.

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