Tips On Article Marketing: What To Do With What You’ve Written
Written by Admin1 on January 27, 2011 – 12:11 pm

You will find many tips on article marketing , some quite useful. Here are more tips, this time on what to do with your articles once you’ve written them.

Let’s face it, they aren’t going to do you much good sitting on your computer or in some dead article database. Or worse, sitting on a quality database and not getting any readers.

When submitting your articles, you have to be very selective of the category under which you publish them. If they are placed in the wrong one, some database operators will just delete them and you may never know. At the very least, they will be in a category unrelated to the topic and therefore not read.

Here are some pointers on using your articles.

1. Never submit to the main category unless it’s all there is. Drill down to find the exact category. Some database operators will invite you to suggest new categories if none exist for your topic.

2. Make sure your keywords are highly targeted in the article and to the niche itself. Look through other articles in the site to see what keywords are being targeted. If you can select better, less used keywords, you could be the only one to come up when someone searches that database.

3. If you have affiliates working to promote your products, give them your articles. Invite them to circulate them, put them in their auto responders, use several in a mini-course, group them together into a small report that they can distribute around the Internet free download sites.

I don’t want to rehash the same tips that everyone provides so here is one you might not have heard about.

4. Find offline magazines in your niche and send your articles to the editors. You can see a list of these publications by searching for magazine directories or article submissions. This will bring up sites that invite submissions, which is a huge benefit.

Before you send your article, you already know they are looking for them. Just because they are traditionally offline publications doesn’t mean that’s all there is. Today, many have online versions as well.

I’ll give you more tips on article marketing in future posts.

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